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                                              to approximately 35,000 people each 

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PHL Presentations:

We frequently review and evaluate school programs, visual aids and hand-outs. We consider the specific audience in our choice of videos. The Touch of Life fetal models continue to make a powerful impression on the students in the classrooms. Teachers point out that the ethnic pre-born babies (we have white, black and brown models) put their students at ease. Children and adults alike immediately recognized the humanity of the unborn child when handling the models.

The lower school program is presented to students in first through sixth grades.

  • The lower school presentation emphasizes the special uniqueness of each child. We start by pointing out how our lives began nine months earlier, inside our mother. Everything that makes us special, our hair color, eye color, skin color; if we will be short or tall; have athletic or artistic talent - was present even though we were the size of a grain of sand.
  • We pass among the children, life-like fetal models of 30, 26, 20, 12 and 10, 9,8 and 7 weeks gestation. They can hold them and see the different developmental stages. We share clear 4-D ultrasound pictures.Today many children have seen their own ultrasound photo in their baby book.

  • We point out that our appearance changes as we mature and age but we remain the very same person. Students understand that easily. They have all seen photos or home movies of themselves during their infancy and toddler stages.
  • The class often gets very animated as they take turns sharing stories about their own birth, their weight, whether they were premature or overdue. They clearly understand that they are precious and unique.
The middle school/junior high program is presented to 7th and 8th grade students.
  • It describes fetal development
  • Explains the laws regarding abortion: Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton in detail as well as current laws in Pennsylvania, including the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act.
  • Alternatives to abortion are emphasized, such as adoption and pregnancy help centers.
  • The aftermath of abortion (the heartache and regret often experienced) is included.



The same presentation is given to high school freshmen in more detail.

The sophomore presentation discusses the legality and reality of abortion in our nation, particularly emphasizing various procedures used during an abortion. This includes the physical and psychological consequences of abortion, post-abortion healing information and alternatives to abortion.

The junior presentation focuses on other life-threatening issues that result from society's acceptance of abortion including the practice of infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

The senior presentation considers the whole picture. We point out how the students can defend their pro-life beliefs when in a challenging situation.

PHL offers a variety of presentations available upon request.


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